Grayson Decker is a man with many titles. New York's Man of the Year. New York's Most Eligible Bachelor, but when he meets the feisty Aubree Lane, he earns the title of Scrooge. When Grayson's parents push him to marry and even force to assist in finding the perfect wife, Grayson takes matters into his own hands.

Aubree Lane is a college drop out, working part-time in a coffee shop, desperate to make ends meet, but finds herself in danger of eviction from her run-down apartment in a sketchy neighborhood. When Grayson Decker sets his sights on her, he makes her an offer she can't refuse or is it the other way around? When he offers her $50K to be his fake fiancée for three weeks, she throws a wrench into his plan. She'll go along with his idea, but it will cost him $100K and Christmas Dinner with her family.

When their agreement ends, will he be able to let her go? Will she refuse to stay?




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